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Genesys provides a rich set of open APIs around Contact Centre technology. We offer you the below services as a part of the hackathon (in the form of APIs):

  1. Knowledge Service:Knowledge Search Service is an AI-powered service that enables you to build sophisticated knowledge bases that can be intelligently searched using APIs.
  2. Named Entity Resolver (NER) Service:Named Entity Resolver is a service that takes a text input and identifies nouns (entities) such as name, place, organization, and date contained in the text.

What can you build?

You can build almost anything (Ex: website, web application, Chrome extension, mobile application or whatnot?) in any programming language, using fully secured and versioned Public REST API that Genesys developers use for building Contact Centre solutions.

Note: The Genesys APIs will be made accessible to the shortlisted teams a couple of days before the Hackathon. A separate email will be sent to each team with the instructions for accessing the platform.

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Any student pursuing their undergraduate degree in Computer Science and related fields.


Kindly send your abstracts to

Include your Name, email, phone numbers and college name of all team members.




Judging Criteria

  • Innovation, Creativity, Technology
    Technically impressive Prototype Completion


  • Machine Learning/ AI
  • Communication